alloy wheel refurbishment
in Tunbridge Wells

Alloy wheels are an eye-catching addition to any vehicle, but while they provide a great finishing touch it can be very easy to scrape them on the kerb or cause damage that requires attention. At Autosport Customs, our investment in the latest technology and techniques means we are able to provide professional alloy wheel refurbishment in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas as part of our expert repair services. This complex process restores the condition of your alloy wheels and creates a head-turning result with lasting protection. We can advise you on the best course of action for your alloys to ensure you receive a long-term solution.

Professional alloy wheel refurbishment in Tunbridge Wells

If your alloys are appearing worn out or damaged and you are looking to give them a refresh, we can provide our expert repair and refurbishment services. Using the latest equipment, our professional technicians have the skills to carry out a wide range of alloy wheel repair services, including:

  • Cracked alloy wheel repair
  • Welding
  • Alloy wheel straightening
  • Repainting and lacquering
  • Resealing to prevent corrosion
  • Kerbed alloy wheel repairs
  • Powder coating
  • Diamond cutting

We cover everything related to alloys, so you can trust us to bring your wheels back to life and have them shining once again. Plus, our comprehensive repair services mean that we can also carry out any car body repairs you may require alongside your alloy repairs.

Arrange alloy wheel refurbishment in Tunbridge Wells

If you require professional alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment in Tunbridge Wells, get in contact with our team. You can call 01892 890096 or email to arrange a quote for your vehicle. You are also able to leave your details using our online contact form. Please attach photos of the damage to your alloys from both 1 and 2 metres away.

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Alloy wheel
powder coating

This process involves complete alloy wheel respraying, so it’s suitable when you have damage to the paintwork, or the overall condition of your alloys has deteriorated so that it is not suitable for a simple repair.

If there is significant alloy wheel corrosion or paint damage, acid dipping can be required to remove all the paint and corrosion before the powder coating process begins. Powdered paint is electrostatically charged to ensure durability, then is cured in an oven to solidify the coating and prevent corrosion in future. Lacquer is applied to provide a sleek finish and protect from general wear and tear such as UV rays and moisture.

You may opt for powder coating as a way to give your alloy wheels a completely new colour and restore their appearance, without replacing them altogether. If you are looking for alloy wheel restoration that provides a finish better than the factory, this is the treatment for you.

Diamond cut alloy wheel
in Tunbridge Wells

Diamond cutting is a technique requiring specialist equipment and technology to give your wheel a shiny, eye-catching finish. It can provide effective alloy wheel scuff repairs, removing any marks from the face of the wheel by cutting away a thin layer from the surface.

Significant preparation is required before the diamond cutting process can begin. Firstly, a deep cleaning takes place, where dirt, grit, and layers of lacquer and paint are removed. The wheels are then placed on a lathe to be cut, so that a layer of the metal can be removed. This can rectify any light alloy wheel damage such as scuffs or corrosion as well as providing a shine that gives a premium finish to your vehicle.

Diamond cutting may be the right choice if you want to restore minor damage to your alloy wheels without replacing or repainting them. However, it is important to bear in mind that diamond cutting can only be carried out a limited number of times before the structure of your alloy may be at risk. At this point powder coating is the only option.

Non-fault insurance claims for alloy wheel refurbishment in Tunbridge Wells

If you were involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and have suffered extensive damage to your alloys or the rest of your vehicle, it is likely that you will want to make a claim on the other driver’s insurance. If so, it is important to be aware of the ins and outs of non-fault insurance work.

Why choose Autosport Customs for
your alloy wheel refurbishment
in Tunbridge Wells?


Our alloy specialists have extensive experience and training in all types of refurbishments and have become familiar with all the steps needed to carry out powder coating and diamond cutting to a professional level.

Attention to detail

When carrying out our alloy repairs or refurbishment, we use the latest technology, carefully assessing each wheel and acid dipping if necessary to ensure that any corrosion has been treated and the metal is suitably prepared for powder coating.


It is important to make the right decision when it comes to your wheels, as diamond cutting can sometimes compromise the structural integrity of the alloy. We will be able to provide our expert opinion on the best course of action based on the condition of the wheel.

Personal service

Our team of alloy wheel specialists treat every client differently. We will carry out an assessment of your wheels with you and our technicians are committed to going above and beyond, checking for corrosion as well as assessing the condition of your tyres.