car body repairs

Our team of trained professionals are experienced with car body repairs for Lexus vehicles. For any bodywork damage that your Lexus has suffered, we are the place to come for a comprehensive repair that will restore it to its best condition. We have worked on older models such as the LFA, right up to the latest premium Lexus sports car on the market the LC 500. Once your vehicle arrives at our workshop, our technicians will apply their expertise to achieve the best possible finish and a final result you will be happy with.

Curated in 1989, Lexus was the luxury arm of Toyota. Originally intending to create premium vehicles built on a solid donor, the brand of Lexus grew incredibly. With models such as the LFA, Lexus was able to exhibit the technical prowess of the young company on the world stage, and subsequently showed that it could confidently stand on its own two feet. A brand that Japan could be proud of!

With their sharp crease lines and complex panels Lexus’are a challenge when it comes to carrying out bodywork repairs. This is why it requires the knowledge and experience of highly trained specialists, which we are lucky to have here at our fully equipped workshop. Owners of all types of Lexus have relied on us for the consistent quality we provide, so we are the obvious choice for a comprehensive job.

What Lexus models do our car body repair
services cover?

We are particularly knowledgeable on the Lexus brand and have been carrying out car body repairs to models old and new for many years. Regardless of what model of Lexus you own, you can be sure you have come to the right place for the best results. We cover models including:

  • Altezza
  • SC 300
  • SC400
  • SC 430
  • LC 500
  • LFA

What are common faults with Lexus vehicles?

Lexus’ as a general rule do not suffer with any chronic issues. With the LFA having a composite body shell and the modern vehicles having a mixture of composites, aluminium and high-strength steel there is not a lot to go wrong. We have seen poor paint quality on some Lexus’ from factory, with large amounts of orange peel being the tell-tale sign of this, however this is often the extent of the damage.

Now that some of the older models are reaching a certain age, we can see corrosion coming through. This is usually on the rearmost section of the sills, the wheel arch lips and even on the tailgates of some models. We therefore recommend checking your Lexus once a year for corrosion once it goes over the 15-year mark. At AutoSport Customs we can perform a fully detailed inspection for paint defects and corrosion, quickly spotting any potential areas of concern and treating them before the condition of the vehicle worsens.

With our expertise relating to various different Lexus models, as well as the equipment we have on site at our modern workshop, we will be able to apply the correct factory techniques to restore your bodywork to pristine condition. You can be sure of perfect results every time.

Talk to our team about Lexus car body repairs

To arrange car body repairs for your Lexus as soon as possible, get in contact with our team today by calling 01892 890096 or email We can discuss the best options available to you and explain the process in further detail.

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Car body scuff and scratch repairs for your Lexus

It’s important to have a reliable team of experts to help you repair the damage. Even if you’re the most careful driver, accidents can still happen. When they do, it’s crucial to have professionals who know what they’re doing restore your car to its original condition. We offer comprehensive car body and bumper repair services for all makes and models of vehicles. We understand that damaging your vehicle can be stressful, which is why we work quickly and efficiently to get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

Expert Lexus car body corrosion repairs

Corrosion can be a serious issue for luxury car owners, as it can lead to extensive and expensive damage if not removed quickly. Left untreated, corrosion can rapidly spread and cause significant damage to your car’s bodywork. In the worst-case scenario, it could even lead to structural failure. Our team of expert technicians are prepared to deal with any signs of corrosion on your Lexus. We will carry out a thorough inspection to identify the starting point and root cause of the damage, before treating any affected areas and carefully respraying with an exact colour match.

Insurance car body repair work for
Lexus owners

A collision can be a very costly and time-consuming event, particularly when it involves a luxury car such as a Lexus. If you’re not at fault for the accident, the last thing you want to worry about is getting your car repaired. Dealing with insurance companies, bodywork repairs and all the paperwork can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming. We offer complete non fault insurance claim management for Lexus’s that takes care of everything for you. We’ll deal with the insurance companies, carry out the repairs, and keep you up to date on progress. You won’t have to worry about anything.

Lexus alloy wheel refurbishment

Your Lexus’s alloy wheels can become scratched, chipped, or cracked. Damaged alloy wheels can significantly reduce the value of your car and make it look unsightly. Our technicians can provide the comprehensive alloy wheel refurbishment service you require to restore your Lexus’s wheels to their former glory. We have a range of options available, from powder coating the affected alloy entirely or diamond cutting the surface to restore their shine.

Premium Lexus repaints

Keeping your Lexus in top condition can be an expensive and time-consuming task. A Lexus is a major investment, and it’s important to keep it looking its best. Regular car washes and other paintwork treatments are a must, but eventually even the most careful owner will need to consider restoring the paint job. Our team of expert painters can take care of your Lexus paintwork for you. We use only the highest quality PPG paints, so you can be sure that your car will look amazing when we’re finished. We also have a wide range of options to choose from, so you can find the perfect match for your vehicle.

Flawless Lexus paint correction

Your Lexus can be your pride and joy, but over time the paintwork can become scratched and marked, affecting its appearance. Minor scratches and blemishes can be easily picked up by anyone, and they really stand out on certain paintwork. Our team of skilled paint correction professionals use specialist colour matching technology to restore your car’s paintwork to perfection. We will seamlessly blend any corrected areas into the surrounding paintwork, so that you can enjoy your Lexus, knowing that it looks as good as new.

Protect your Lexus with ceramic coating and paint protection film

Paint and car body repairs can be expensive, so it’s important to protect the results by applying a ceramic coating or paint protection film. A lot of people think that once they’ve had their car repaired, the job is done – but you can go further. If you want to protect your investment and keep your Lexus looking its best, ceramic coating or paint protection film provide an extra layer. At our specialist workshop, we can apply one of these treatments to suit your needs and budget. We have products that will provide excellent protection against scratches, chips, and other damage, as well as products that will give your car an amazing glossy finish.

Specialist Lexus car body restoration

If you are a classic Lexus owner, you may see some signs of ageing on your vehicle. You also know that it’s important to keep it in top condition. Over time, even the most careful drivers can end up with damage to their car. If your Lexus’body work is starting to show its age, it’s time for a restoration. Our team of specialists have years of experience restoring Lexus’s back to their former glory, so whether you own a SC 400 or an Altezza, we are the company for you. We understand the importance of preserving these cars for years to come and we will work tirelessly to ensure that your car looks as good as new when we’re finished.

Why choose AutoSport Customs for Lexus car body repairs?


Our team of technicians have years of experience working on different models of Lexus. We know how to fix any damage, big or small, and we can even restore your car to its original condition.

Attention to detail

We know Lexus’s inside and out, and our team is dedicated to delivering perfect results every time. We use only the latest technology and equipment, so you can rest assured knowing that your car is in good hands. Plus, we’ll always keep you updated on what’s happening with your car and when it will be ready for pickup.


We are committed to providing you with the best advice and service possible. We’ll never try to carry out a repair that is not right for your vehicle, and we’ll always work hard to make sure all your vehicle needs are met.

Personal service

Bring your car to us and we will take care of everything for you. We offer a personal service that includes regular communication, so you always know what’s going on with your car. Plus, we only use the best parts and techniques so you can be sure your car is in good hands.