Range Rover
car body repairs

We are a team of Range Rover car body repair experts that you can trust. Our team will carry out any bodywork repairs that your Range Rover requires, having worked on older and modern models. We’ve developed the knowledge to work on true classics, such as the P38, as well as latest Range Rover models, such as the Velar. You can be sure that your Range Rover will be in safe hands with our team, carefully restoring it to its former glory, with an immaculate finish.

Range Rover began as a subsidiary model of the Land Rover marque, however nowadays it has transitioned into a marque in its own right. Formed as the upmarket offering of Land Rover, it became the darling of country estates, city dwellers and serious off roading specialists alike. Employing full-time four-wheel drive, like it’s Land Rover brethren, yet having far more sophisticated suspension allowed the Range Rover to be all things to all buyers. Now a staple of the luxury market Range Rover is used as a sounding board for design and luxury in the 21st century, and it appears that the brand will continue to hold this place for a very long time.

With their regal lines and complex panels Range Rover’ require great care and attention when attending to any repairs, which is why bring our precise approach to every Range Rover that we work on. Our technicians ensure that every detail is accounted for so that we achieve a finish beyond perfection, whether with paint correction or bodywork restoration.

What Range Rover models do our car body repair
services cover?

For owners of any Range Rover model, you can trust our team at Autosport Customs to perform the highest standard of body repairs. Our wide-ranging expertise means that your vehicle is in safe hands. We cover all Range Rover models, including:

  • Range Rover Classic
  • P38
  • L322
  • L405
  • L460
  • Sport
  • Velar
  • Evoque

What are common faults with Range Rover vehicles?

For older Range Rovers the most common issues are rust and corrosion. On the Classic this is usually the inner wings, with vehicles fitted with arch liners often worse the ones without! Galvanic/electrolytic corrosion is the main bane on these vehicles, usually where the steel shell makes contact with panels manufactured from aluminium. This list includes front & rear wings, windscreen surround and D pillar, A post, luggage area, bulkhead and many other areas.

Unfortunately the issue of corrosion also extends to the L322, with the P38 seemingly better protected than the models before and after it. Don’t be alarmed when finding any corrosion, it is more common than you would think, but we would highly recommend rectifying any areas as soon as they are noticed to prevent them from turning into a much larger issues later down the line.

At AutoSport Customs our experts can carry out an in-depth inspection to identify any paint defects or corrosion, with an expert eye to spot any potential issues, treating them quickly and comprehensively to bring your Range Rover back to its best.

We have equipped ourselves with the very latest resources and technology to restore your Range Rover to the highest standard possible, using factory techniques to repair your vehicle. You can expect the full Range Rover service from us, regardless of the model we are working on. We never compromise on quality.

Talk to our team about Range Rover car body repairs

To arrange Range Rover car body repairs with our team of experts, speak to us today. Call us on 01892 890096 or email to find out how we can restore your Range Rover to its best condition.

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Car body scuff and scratch repairs for your Range Rover

Over time, it’s likely that your Range Rover will pick up scratches and scuffs, no matter how careful you are whilst driving. In order to restore flawless paintwork, we carry out precise sanding and polishing to damaged areas. We then blend this area into the existing paintwork so that the paintwork is in pristine condition once again. You can expect the final result to be flawless.

Expert Range Rover car body corrosion repairs

Despite the care and attention you may give your Range Rover, unfortunately corrosion can begin to appear over time. Not addressing this could lead to it spreading across the bodywork and the condition of your vehicle will deteriorate. We are the experts at treating corrosion and preventing it from returning. Our team can carefully strip back paintwork to identify the source and properly treat it. Once complete the paintwork of your vehicle will be precisely colour matched and blended in seamlessly to provide a flawless finish.

Insurance car body repair work for
Range Rover owners

For Range Rover owners that have been involved in a collision, you may have to make a claim for a non-fault insurance work. Our team are here to support you and manage insurance claims on your behalf. Our vehicle enthusiasts are aware of the frustration caused by being off the road, which is why we make sure we are working hard to deliver the highest standard repairs whilst resolving your claim. We speak to the insurance company to ensure you get the right outcome.

Range Rover alloy wheel refurbishment

Noticing chips, cracks or scratches on the alloy wheels of your Range Rover can take away from the appearance of your vehicle, but our alloy wheel refurbishment services make sure they are restored to a condition better than new. You have a range of options including powder coating your alloys, or diamond cutting to remove the top layer and restore their shine. As this process can only be carried out a limited number of times, it requires care and precision. Our experts produce a finish of the highest standard to compliment your Range Rover.

Premium Range Rover repaints

To rejuvenate your Range Rover and give it a completely new look, why not opt for a full repaint? The technology that we have on site is a state-of-the-art paint system, and you can choose from premium PPG paint options for your vehicle. We apply precise attention to detail when repainting each vehicle, and we ensure your Range Rover receives a finish that is better than the factory. We don’t allow anything to leave our workshop that doesn’t meet our high standards.

Flawless Range Rover paint correction

Despite the care that you may take with your car, scratches, swirl marks, and other blemishes will appear over your years of ownership. We provide high quality paint correction to make sure that any damage to paintwork is corrected and you are left with a flawless finish. We use the best available colour matching technology, to restore the paintwork and ensure that new paintwork is blended perfectly with the old and your Range Rover is looking better than new.

Protect your Range Rover with ceramic coating and paint protection film

Once you have arranged paint repairs or car body repairs for your Range Rover, you will want to protect this premium finish, which is why ceramic coating or paint protection film are options worth considering. This additional protection will preserve the perfect finish of your paintwork, and prevent you picking up damage such as small scratches or chips. Ceramic coating provides a glossy finish that adds to your existing paintwork and makes your Range Rover a head turner.

Specialist Range Rover car body restoration

For any older vintage Range Rover models, we can work with you on your restoration project. If your vehicle has been damaged and requires extensive bodywork repairs, we can help to ensure it is brought back to its best. Whether you own a Range Rover Classic that needs some advanced restoration work or a Velar that has suffered extensive bodywork damage, our specialists can get to work on bringing the vehicle back to its best. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to provide the highest quality bodywork repairs, and we can work alongside engine and interior specialists for a full restoration.

Why choose AutoSport Customs for Range Rover car body repairs?


We are the experts when it comes to Range Rover repairs, and our technicians have the expertise to work on models old and new. We have a comprehensive understanding of these vehicles and the most effective repair techniques.

Attention to detail

With the latest equipment and technology available to our technicians, and the knowledge we possess on different Range Rover models, we are able to achieve a standard of repairs beyond perfection. We ensure every detail is accounted for and our team strive to achieve a finish that exceeds factory standards.


You can expect an honest expert opinion from our team, utilising all the knowledge and experience we possess to recommend the best approach for repairing your Range Rover. We will talk you through the process and ensure that you make the right choice.

Personal service

We are Range Rover enthusiasts who take care with every vehicle we work on so that we ensure the perfect finish. Our technicians will talk through repairs with you and keep in consistent communication so that you are aware of our progress.