Aston Martin
car body repairs

We are Aston Martin car body repair specialists. Our team will carry out any bodywork repairs that your Aston Martin requires, drawing on their hands-on experience with a wide array of models. We’ve developed the knowledge to work on extremely precious older models, such as the DB5, as well as the latest Aston Martin sports cars, such as the DBS Superleggera. By working with us, you can have complete confidence that your prized Aston Martin will be restored to its former glory, with an immaculate and head-turning finish.

Aston Martin has a prestigious reputation as one of the most luxurious sports car manufacturers. Plus, their association with James Bond makes them particularly iconic. Every Aston Martin is built by hand in their factory. As a result, meticulous concentration is required when working with their extraordinary coachwork and when handling any repairs. We treat every Aston Martin that enters our workshop with the love and respect that it deserves. Our technicians take extreme care, dialling in to the smallest details to ensure that perfection is achieved every time.

What Aston Martin models do our car body repair
services cover?

Our detailed knowledge of the Aston Martin brand, combined with our exceptional car body repair skills make us the right choice for any Aston Martin owner in need of specialist bodywork repairs.

We can work on all Aston Martin models, including:

  • DB2
  • DB4
  • DB5
  • DB6
  • DB7
  • DB9
  • DB11
  • DBS
  • DBX
  • DBX
  • V8

What are common faults with Aston Martin vehicles?

The biggest bodywork issue that Aston Martin owners should look out for is corrosion. This is more common than you may think, so don’t be alarmed if you do discover signs of corrosion on your vehicle.

We advise checking your Aston Martin every six months for light corrosion on exterior panels, as we have seen vehicles suffer from this when they are just three-years-old. Aston Martin do offer a 10-year anti corrosion warranty for their vehicles. However, in our experience there have been occasions where such damage has not been covered. At AutoSport Customs, we can carry out a detailed and comprehensive inspection of your Aston Martin to identify any signs of corrosion. As professional, highly trained bodywork technicians we can identify this process at its earliest stages.

Modern Aston Martin models are predominantly made from aluminium, with the use of some composite materials, whilst earlier models have a steel tube chassis. We have the experience and knowledge among our team, as well as the resources within our car body repair workshop, to use the correct factory techniques to repair your vehicle. You can expect the full Aston Martin service when we restore your prized vehicle to perfect condition. We deliver exceptional results.

Talk to our team about Aston Martin car body repairs

If your Aston Martin could benefit from any of our expert car body repair services, we’d be happy to discuss how we can produce the results you require. Call 01892 890096 or email to speak to our technicians and arrange a quote for your vehicle.

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Car body scuff and scratch repairs for your Aston Martin

We follow a careful sanding and polishing process to ensure that any scratches and scuffs that your vehicle may have obtained are removed. Then, we’ll carefully restore the paintwork of your Aston Martin to ensure that the repaired area is no longer noticeable. Once we’re finished, the final result will be completely seamless.

Expert Aston Martin car body corrosion repairs

If we identify any signs of corrosion on your Aston Martin, we will carry out a thorough inspection to identify the starting point and root cause of the damage. Our technicians are prepared to strip back the paintwork to treat any affected areas on your bodywork so that the corrosion won’t return. A careful repaint will then take place, with our team able to produce an exact colour match that perfectly blends into the original paint job.

Insurance car body repair work for
Aston Martin owners

If your Aston Martin has been involved in a collision and the accident wasn’t your fault, we can manage the entire claims process on your behalf. As vehicle enthusiasts, we understand how frustrating and disruptive these accidents can be, particularly when they affect the Aston Martin you’ve worked so hard to purchase and maintain. Our team can eliminate the hassle created in this situation, carrying out any bodywork repairs and liaising with the insurance companies involved.

Aston Martin alloy wheel refurbishment

If your Aston Martin has scratched, chipped, or cracked alloy wheels, our technicians can provide the comprehensive alloy wheel refurbishment service you require. We can present Aston Martin owners with a range of options, from powder coating the affected alloy entirely or diamond cutting the surface to restore their shine. As this painstaking process removes the top layer of the alloy wheel, it can only be carried out a limited number of times. We have the skills to produce the exceptional finish your Aston Martin deserves, ensuring your vehicle leaves the workshop in flawless condition.

Premium Aston Martin repaints

We can completely repaint your Aston Martin if you’d like to transform its appearance and add a new lease of life to your vehicle. With a state-of-the-art paint system and a wide range of premium PPG paint options to choose from, we can produce a finish that makes your Aston Martin even more eye-catching. No matter your preferred colour choice, our attention to detail will ensure that the finished paintwork is immaculate. Your Aston Martin won’t just reflect your personal style, it will also leave our workshop looking even better than it did when it originally left the factory.

Flawless Aston Martin paint correction

Even the most careful Aston Martin owner can pick up minor scratches, swirl marks, and blemishes over time that detract from the finish of your paintwork. We offer a precise paint correction service that can address these faults, restore your Aston Martin’s paintwork, and create a flawless finish. Using specialist colour matching technology, we will ensure that any corrected areas are seamlessly blended into the surrounding paintwork.

Protect your Aston Martin with ceramic coating and paint protection film

If you’ve invested in paint or car body repairs for your Aston Martin, it’s worth protecting the results by applying a ceramic coating or paint protection film to your car. Adding an extra layer of protection will prevent your paintwork from being damaged by small scratches, chips, and any other damage picked up whilst driving. Ceramic coating will also produce a glossy finish that brings out the best in your Aston Martin’s paintwork, adding a depth that will set your vehicle apart from all the others on the road.

Specialist Aston Martin car body restoration

If necessary, we can work closely with you to completely restore your Aston Martin. In cases where a vehicle is particularly damaged, our specialist Aston Martin restoration service will ensure that all the bodywork is completely transformed. Whether you own a classic DB5 that has seen better days or a DB9 that is damaged beyond the scope of a standard bodywork repair, we have the skills, expertise, and specialist knowledge to help. Plus, we can work with others as part of complete restoration projects, ensuring that the bodywork is handled professionally by our team whilst your Aston Martin’s engine and interior are overhauled elsewhere.

Why choose AutoSport Customs for Aston Martin car body repairs?


As Aston Martin specialists, our team of expert car body repair technicians have worked with a number of different models, both old and new. This has allowed us to develop a thorough and well-rounded understanding of Aston Martin bodywork repairs and paint correction.

Attention to detail

We are well equipped with the latest technology and
in-depth Aston Martin knowledge, allowing our repair services to be carried out to a standard beyond perfection. Any repaired areas on your Aston Martin will be completely concealed. We deliver a finish that is better than the factory.


We will use all the expertise throughout our team to offer you honest advice on the best course of action for your Aston Martin. We’ll discuss the benefits of each approach, talking through the process, and making sure we meet all your Aston Martin requirements in full.

Personal service

As Aston Martin enthusiasts ourselves, we are happy to go the extra mile when working on your vehicle. We will take the time to discuss your Aston Martin with you and will maintain regular communication to ensure you are always kept update to date on the progress of any bodywork repairs.