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Our specialists have extensive knowledge of Tesla car body repairs. Come to us for any bodywork repairs that your Tesla requires, with extensive expertise on these electric vehicles. Our experience allows us to work on all Tesla models, from the Roadster up to the latest Model S Plaid. You can be sure your Tesla will once again be looking its best once we have completed our comprehensive repairs.

Tesla are one of the few tech start ups that managed to make it through the 2008 financial crash and the rough seas of the tech market. Now one of the most well known car brands due to their unique approach to propulsion and a blank-slate design philosophy, Tesla has marked itself indelibly on the automotive world. There are common issues to be aware of however the fixes are well known, and we can help to rectify these.

With their crisp aesthetic and smooth panel work, Tesla’s require meticulous concentration and a careful hand when attending to any repairs, which is what you can expect when our team are working on your Tesla. Every small detail is accounted for so that we can ensure the perfect finish every time.

What Tesla models do our car body repair
services cover?

We have extensive knowledge of the Tesla brand and each model that has been released, and our car body repair skills make us the right choice for the careful approach that your vehicle requires. We provide repairs for all Tesla models, including:

  • Roadster
  • Model S
  • Model 3
  • Model X
  • Model Y

What are common faults with Tesla vehicles?

Tesla’ have become known for having various issues with their bodywork and paintwork, even from factory, typically on vehicles built during periods of production hikes. We have seen poor paint quality from factory, with poor paint adhesion and wildly varying thickness of paint even on the same panel being the tell-tale sign of this. Unfortunately an increased rate of degradation goes hand in hand with this and older model Teslas are beginning to show signs of chipping and lacquer peel often in areas at risk from stone strikes (front of sills, lower rear ¾ etc).

We have also seen misaligned panels and mis-matching panel gaps. We are able to sort out the majority of these issues. At AutoSport Customs we offer a fully detailed inspection for paint defects and quality control issues, and with our professionally trained eyes we can identify areas which require rectification to stay on top of these.

Our car body repair shop is equipped with the latest tools, and the expertise amongst our team means we use the correct factory techniques to repair your vehicle. You can expect full Tesla restoration that gives the bodywork of your vehicle a faultless finish.

Talk to our team about Tesla car body repairs

Find out more about our Tesla car body repair services by speaking to our team. Call 01892 890096 or email to find out how we can deliver a flawless finish to leave your Tesla in the best possible condition.

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Car body scuff and scratch repairs for your Tesla

We carefully sand and polish any areas of the paintwork of your Tesla that have picked up scratches or scuffs. Once this polishing has been completed, we will begin to restore the paintwork and making sure that the area of repair is not noticeable. The scratches and scuffs will be fully removed and paint will be blended seamlessly.

Expert Tesla car body corrosion repairs

We can quickly identify any areas of concern that could be the beginning of corrosion on your Tesla. We will ensure that this does not worsen, by treating the area of corrosion. Paintwork is stripped back and areas are carefully treated so that corrosion cannot return. We can then carry out repainting, making sure there is an exact colour match so that paintwork can be blended to perfection.

Insurance car body repair work for
Tesla owners

We can provide our support if your Tesla has been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault. Our team can provide their comprehensive support to manage the claims process so you don’t have to. We know you will want to get back on the road as soon as possible, which is why we can proceed with repairs and liaise with the insurance company at the same time. We make sure you get the best outcome for you and the highest quality repairs.

Tesla alloy wheel refurbishment

The alloy wheels of your Tesla can become damaged, with scratches, chips and cracks to their surface. We can offer full alloy wheel refurbishment to have them looking their best once again. You have multiple options for your Tesla alloys, such as powder coating to coat the alloy entirely, or diamond cutting the surface, which removes the top layer. This can only be carried out a limited number of times. We can guarantee your alloys will achieve their original shine and will be left in their best condition.

Premium Tesla repaints

If you want to give your Tesla a new look, we can carry out a full repaint to reinvigorate your vehicle. We have a range of premium PPG paint options, and with a state of the art paint system, you can expect a high quality finish that gives your Tesla new life. Regardless of the colour you opt for, we ensure a flawless finish that is of the highest quality. You can expect the paintwork to be of the highest quality. We are committed to providing a paintwork finish that is even better than the factory.

Flawless Tesla paint correction

Despite the care you may take when driving your Tesla, it will inevitably pick up small scratches, blemishes, or swirl marks over time. To continue to have the paintwork looking its best, you can take advantage of our paint correction services. We will carefully restore the paintwork of your Tesla, to create a perfect finish. Our colour matching technology ensures the area of correction is blended seamlessly into the rest of the paintwork.

Protect your Tesla with ceramic coating and paint protection film

Once you have invested in a premium paint finish or repairs to the bodywork of your Tesla, you will want to ensure this is properly protected. Choose ceramic coating or paint protection film to provide this additional layer of protection. This will allow your vehicle to be protected against small scratches and chips that may appear during daily use. Ceramic coating also provides a unique glossy finish that can make your Tesla stand out.

Specialist Tesla car body restoration

We can work with you to carry out a full restoration if your Tesla requires one. In some cases where your vehicle has extensive damage, we can make sure the bodywork receives the attention it requires. Whether you own an original run Roadster that needs some light restoration work or a Model 3 that is damaged beyond the scope of a standard bodywork repair, we have the in-depth knowledge of Tesla bodywork to carry out full restoration. We can also work with others to fully restore your Tesla, working on body repairs whilst the interior and electric motor are worked on elsewhere.

Why choose AutoSport Customs for Tesla car body repairs?


We are experts on all Tesla models, and our technicians are experienced carrying out precise body repairs to the latest and oldest Tesla models. Our in-depth understanding of the bodywork of these vehicles allows us to perform the highest quality repairs.

Attention to detail

We have the knowledge and technology to consistently deliver highest quality repairs. Our Tesla repairs reach standards beyond perfection, with a finish achieved that is better than straight from the factory. You will not be able to notice the area of repairs.


Our team have extensive Tesla expertise, with the ability to offer you our honest opinion when deciding on car body repairs. We can talk you through your available options and make sure that you are blown away by the final result.

Personal service

We are Tesla experts who ensure that your vehicle gets the care and attention it requires. You can expect to hear from us on a regular basis regarding the progress of repairs and you will be kept up to date until it is ready to be collected.