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Speak to us regarding Volvo car body repairs. With the experience we possess, we can carry out any bodywork repairs that your Volvo requires, and our expert technicians are experienced with all models. We have the knowledge to work on true classics, such as the Amazon, as well as latest Volvo vehicles, such as the S90 Recharge. When choosing us, you can rest assured that your Volvo will be brought back to flawless condition, with a finish better than perfect and precise repairs that guarantee every detail is accounted for.

Volvo has become synonymous with automotive safety. Pioneering much of the life-saving technology that is used today, Volvo blends aesthetic Scandinavian design with uncompromising safety. As the brand evolved the company was able to branch out from its usual list of models to bring us such venerable models as the 850R and C30 Polestar. The unique Swedish brand still lives on and we are so glad for it!

At Autosport we give meticulous concentration and a careful hand when attending to any repairs, and every Volvo we work on is provided with our careful touch. Our technicians offer an unmatched level of attention to detail to deliver perfection with every aspect of our repairs.

What Volvo models do our car body repair
services cover?

Our meticulous car body repairs skills make us the right choice for any Volvo owner, and with our years of experience, we can work on both classic and modern vehicles. We cover all Volvo models, including:

  • PV4
  • PV650
  • TR670
  • PV36
  • PV51
  • PV800
  • PV444
  • PV544
  • PV60
  • Duett
  • P1800
  • P1900
  • Amazon
  • 140
  • 164
  • 480
  • 850 R
  • V90/S90

What are common faults with Volvo vehicles?

As a general rule modern Volvos do not suffer with many known bodywork issues, however as older models are beginning to age corrosion is starting to become present in regularly driven and unprotected vehicles. This is most commonly seen on the sills, the rear arches and occasionally on the lower areas of the front wings, usually in the form of bubbling under the paintwork. Whilst with some of these older models it is inevitable that you will have to fight rust and corrosion at some point, we would highly recommend rectifying any areas as soon as is noticed to prevent them from turning into a much larger issues later down the line.

At AutoSport Customs, our technicians can carry out a comprehensive inspection for paint defects and corrosion, quickly identifying any areas of concern so that we can get to work on correcting them. Any signs of rust will be fully treated.

Our team have the knowledge and experience to work on a range of faults, repairing the bodywork of Volvo models old and new. We use factory techniques that provide a flawless finish, and you can expect your Volvo to look better than it did the day you picked it up.

Talk to our team about Volvo car body repairs

Speak to us to find out how our car body repairs could transform your Volvo. We can talk you through the options you have available, simply call Call 01892 890096 or email so that we can get you booked in at your earliest convenience.

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Car body scuff and scratch repairs for your Volvo

Your Volvo will pick up scratches and scuffs over time through no fault of your own, and our sanding and polishing process allows us to create a flawless finish. The paintwork of your vehicle will be carefully restored and blended in so that you will not even be able to notice where the repair took place. You can expect great results.

Expert Volvo car body corrosion repairs

You can expect our technicians to have the close attention to detail to identify any signs of corrosion on the bodywork of your Volvo. We can carefully strip back the paintwork so that we can find the source of this corrosion, working to treat it carefully so that the corrosion will be kept at bay. We then repaint your Volvo by colour matching with the original paint job so that a seamless finish is achieved.

Insurance car body repair work for
Volvo owners

If your Volvo has suffered damage that was caused by an accident that wasn’t your fault, allow our experts to take care of the repair and claims process. We understand the frustration it can be when your vehicle is out of action, which is why we work hard to ensure you are reimbursed as much as you deserve. We carry out the highest quality repairs and speak to the insurance company to achieve your desired outcome, our experience makes us the perfect team for the job.

Volvo alloy wheel refurbishment

Your Volvo may pick up scratches, chips, or cracks over time, and if you notice this damage, allow our technicians to carry out comprehensive alloy wheel refurbishment. You have a choice of how your Volvo alloys are restored, with powder coating one option to cover the alloy completely. You can also opt for diamond cutting, to remove the surface of the wheel and restore this original shine. This process can only be carried out a limited number of times, and our experts are capable of offering a careful approach. You can expect your alloy wheels to look their best once again and compliment the rest of your Volvo.

Premium Volvo repaints

If you want to give your Volvo a different look, allow us to carry out a full repaint to transform your vehicle. Our modern paint system allows you to choose from a range of premium PPG paint options, with a perfect finish that makes your Volvo turn heads. With the precise attention to detail that we bring, the final paintwork will provide a finish better than the factory. We make sure that every detail of your new paint job is immaculate.

Flawless Volvo paint correction

Despite the fact that you may look after your Volvo, it can still pick up blemishes to the paintwork such as scratches or scuffs. Our paint correction service can ensure that these minor flaws are taken care of, and your paintwork is once again spotless. The finish that we create is better than the factory, with colour matching technology that ensures the areas of correction are blended in seamlessly.

Protect your Volvo with ceramic coating and paint protection film

To protect the work that has been done to restore the paintwork or bodywork of your Volvo, applying ceramic coating or paint protection film can offer this additional cover you need. This layer protects your paintwork from picking up damage whilst on the road. Scratches, chips and other blemishes may appear on your paintwork over time, but ceramic coating offers a glossy finish that keeps your paintwork looking its best. You can expect your Volvo to stand out with this finish.

Specialist Volvo car body restoration

For older Volvo models and those that are in need of restoration, we can carefully restore the bodywork and paintwork of your vehicle. We can work with you on a Volvo restoration project to restore it to its former glory. Whether you own a PV544 that needs some advanced restoration work or a V90 that is damaged beyond the scope of a standard bodywork repair, we have the skills, expertise, and specialist knowledge to help. If you are having the engine and interior restored elsewhere, we can communicate with these other teams to ensure restoration goes according to plan.

Why choose AutoSport Customs for Volvo car body repairs?


We are experts when it comes to working on Volvo models. Whether you own an old or new Volvo, our knowledge will allow us to become familiar with each one and provide full repairs with perfect paint correction.

Attention to detail

The technology that our team possess, combined with their knowledge of the Volvo brand and each model, allows us to deliver the highest standard of repairs every time. Repairs will be fully concealed to achieve a finish that is beyond even factory standard.


The knowledge we possess allows us to provide an honest expert opinion on repairs and restorations for your Volvo.  Our team can discuss the benefits of each course of action so that you can make a more informed decision on repairs.

Personal service

We always go the extra mile when working on your Volvo, and the Volvo enthusiasts amongst our team make sure it receives the level of care it deserves. You can expect consistent communication with us to inform you of progress.